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Customer Comments about Guided Tours



“Jacqueline is an inspirational teacher who encourages you to look at art and architecture with a fresh and challenging eye and really delve into its context and meaning. These courses will undoubtedly be stimulating and genuinely educational. Her relaxed style and sense of humour will ensure that it is also very good fun.”
Professor Melanie Howard, Chair, Future Foundation, London


“Jacqueline has that rare quality you wish every teacher had; infectious passion. I hold her entirely responsible for igniting my love of art in the first place, and for changing the way I approach and enjoy it forever.

I visited both Paris and Florence as part of a group studying under her guidance, and still hold both trips amongst the most culturally stimulating I have ever made. She was the perfect cultural guide; a source of unending knowledge with the imagination and experience to bring that knowledge to life and transport us. We were wide-eyed and open-eared every step of the way. Completely unforgettable.”
Jack Farthing, Actor, London


“Excellent – 5 star. You thought of everything. Highly recommended. Good balance of material and activities, and of programmed and free time to relax.”     

Terry Spencer, Cambridge


“Thought-provoking, proper, art history.”

Matt Cotterel, London


“it’s been a delightful week! A perfect mix of intellectually stimulating art history and fun.”

Kate Halvorsen & Per Seim, Jimena de la Frontera


“Is there anything, any better, anywhere else? Seamless teamwork from everyone. Well-balanced and thought through.”

Sue Spencer, Cambridge


“Great stuff – thought provoking as ever!” 

Jo Cotterel, London


“Very nice combination of lectures and visits to locations.”  

Paul Tuckwell, London






ACT in Andalucia – Residential Courses




“I can’t recommend Jacqueline Cockburn’s Andalusian cultural experience too highly.”

Andrew Graham-Dixon, Art critic, journalist, TV presenter

"Thank you for a fabulous week.  We had a great time and you are wonderful hosts.  We learned a great deal and enjoyed excellent hospitality."

Colin Redman, The Arts Society, Oxford


“Fantastic experience. It felt very special and privileged.” 

Prof. Melanie Howard, London


“The villa is stunningly beautiful. If I'd been allowed I would have stowed away there forever. The en-suite rooms are perfect: airy and very comfortable, the loggia is absolutely breath-taking, and the gardens are heavenly. Both Jacqueline and Ian are as passionate about life as they are about art and culture, so they invest mealtimes and down-time with the same degree of attention to detail as the talks and trips. Everything about my time there was perfect. I can't wait to go again.”

Dee Shulman, Writer, London.


“Wonderful memories of a unique tour of a sherry bodega, coupled with the adjoining art gallery.”  

Anne Welham, London


“Generosity of hosts much appreciated. Very relaxed atmosphere – felt most welcome.”

Bridget Pinchbeck, London


“Jacqueline's outstanding teaching skills are rooted within her genuine passion for Spanish Art and her capacity to share her incredible knowledge with a great deal of humour. As a former student of hers I consider this course to be the ultimate treat and recommend it highly."
Thierry Guillet, Art Historian, France


“Studying with Jacqueline meant far more than the acquisition of knowledge: it was a total immersion into Spanish culture, punctuated with her great sense of humour. As an experienced tutor myself, I know what makes a great teacher and Jacqueline is one of the best I have come across. Her courses will definitely change the way you look at Spanish art and culture and, who knows, they might even change your life!”
Françoise Doose-Lee, Language coordinator, France


“Jacqueline and Ian were the most marvellously relaxed yet attentive hosts indeed Los Buhos was the base for a life enhancing experience. In Gaucín we felt that we had been shown a hidden gem, a timeless and beautiful village of charming white cube houses precariously perched on a hill, full of life - both traditional and modern - with a flourishing community of artists.”
Paul and Fiona Godwin-Brown, Devon


 “A real pleasure – more of this (visits to artists’ studios). Good, all the way through.” 

Francis Howard, London


“Gaucín is an ideal base to explore the many diverse attractions of Andalucía, cultural and otherwise. Although not too distant from the coast and airports such as Malaga and Gibraltar, it is far enough inland to escape the marauding throngs of the costas whilst providing easy access to historic gems such as Jerez, Cordoba and Sevilla. Gaucín has also completely escaped the blight of the building atrocities of the tourist boom years, maintaining the untarnished whitewash allure of yesteryear. In addition, Casa Los Buhos is a beautiful, spacious house with remarkable views and two delightful, knowledgeable and truly hospitable hosts in Ian and Jacqueline.”
Simon Craft, leader of numerous educational trips to Andalucía


“Excellent, very interesting – whets my appetite for more.”  

Ann Rudd, Mallorca


“Wine, food and art – what’s not to like!”  

Maggie Cattling, London


“The living rooms and gardens are gorgeous, views unsurpassed – could not think of a better setting.” 

Rosie Tuckwell, London


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