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The National Gallery of Art

Art & Culture Travel in London


London is our home town so we have an intimate knowledge of all the major art galleries and many of the smaller, more specialist galleries, as well as selected sites of architectural interest.



​This next year 2022-3 promises to be a  busy one with lots of different initiatives we are keen to share. Our feeling is that as the pandemic is on the wane, the thirst for Art History grows.

We discovered that although we all love live lectures where you can interact with an audience, ONLINE lecturing still has a place and enables us to build an exciting world-wide audience, so if you are interested, join the online Art@Home lectures, which are proving very popular. With the theme 'A Taste of Art', we have ‘travelled’ to Madrid, Paris, New York and London so far, and the next city is Barcelona, followed by Venice later this year, and much more next year. Each series consists of three lectures, on consecutive Monday evenings, conveniently timed at 6pm (UK) - and also available as recordings for 72 hours after the lectures finish. Each lecture lasts one hour including a Q&A session. They are very reasonably priced and aimed at a wide audience. Click on the button below to sign up.



The Arts Society

Ian and Jacqueline deliver lectures in England and all over the world for The Arts Society. Trips to Australia, New Zealand, Menorca, Mallorca, Spain, Germany and France have proved fruitful and very enjoyable.

You can also take a look at the wonderful initiative of The Arts Connected which has allowed members to see many short lectures. In fact Jacqueline's lecture on the painting by Velazquez launched the idea. You can see this filmed lecture by clicking on the following button.


London and ONLINE

​Jacqueline remains busy over this year with a number of private and public teaching and lecturing projects. You have to be members for some of her courses, ( e.g Hurlingham Club) but there are other public ones you can join. Just click on the highlighted links in the text for more details.

​Jacqueline delivers lecture series and individual lectures on behalf of a range of arts-related organisations in London, including The Victoria and Albert Museum, which is a great favourite of hers, where she contributes to different courses across a range of European Art. 

Her next Spanish Course, 'Spanish Art and Identity' will run online from November 1st 2022 for 6 weeks. These courses are ONLINE. Click on the button below for details.


The Royal Academy’s exciting new exhibition starting in January ’23 is called ‘Spain and the Hispanic World’ and features treasures from The Hispanic Society of New York. There will be a weekend Study Course which Jacqueline will be involved in so keep an eye out for details of that here.


ARTSCAPADES will also be running an interesting course about Spanish Art ONLINE starting 18th January 2023 with details to follow.


Jacqueline also enjoys delivering lectures for a wonderful organisation called 'Stories of Art'.  Courses run all year, usually in the most prestigious clubs of London but also online with a growing international following. 



A Taste of Art: London

Jacqueline also writes on the subject of art history and has contributed articles to a number of publications. Her most recent book, 'A Taste of Art, London', was published by Unicorn Press in November 2019.


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