A Taste of Art: New York


 Monday 22nd November         Monday 29th November             Monday 6th December

   America's Gilded Age                    Stealing Beauty                           An American Tale                  The Many Faces of the Frick     Picasso's Demoiselles                 From Hopper to Pollock

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After the successes of A Taste of Art; Madrid & Paris, Jacqueline will begin delivering the third in a series of short courses via Zoom, commencing on Monday 22nd November, 2021.

The third course, consisting of three lectures, will be entitled A Taste of Art: New York, and will focus on at least four of the key museums & galleries of that city - The Frick, MOMA, The Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The lectures will be 'live', via Zoom Webinar on consecutive Monday early evenings, at 6pm UK time (GMT). Each lecture lasts about 50 minutes, after which Jacqueline will answer questions you can type in to the Zoom system.

Please note: The lectures will be recorded and available to view on demand for up to 48 hours after the end of each lecture, so you can enjoy them no matter where in the world you are or what time of day suits you best.ter which I will answer questions you can type into the Zoom facility. 

How to Sign Up

To participate in any one of the lectures or in the series of three lectures, simply click on the relevant 'Buy Now' button below, depending on whether you want to sign up for the full course of three lectures, for £30, or for individual lectures, at £12 each. You can also invite a friend to one lecture of your choosing, at a cost of £6.


A Taste of Art: New York - Course of Three Lectures (see individual titles below)

We are all missing gallery trips when we can get up close and personal to works of art, but this is the next best thing, so join me on a tour of some of the great works in several of the principal museums and galleries in New York.

Course cost £30.

Lecture 1: 'America's Gilded Age; the Many Faces of The Frick’  (Monday 22nd November. 6pm UK time - GMT)

The first lecture will focus primarily on portraiture in the wonderful collection of masterpieces at The Frick, often cited as the favourite place to go in the city of New York.  Artists such Holbein, El Greco, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Chardin, Goya and Ingres will be explored to create your very own tour of this remarkable museum and the collection of one man, the Industrialist, Henry Clay Frick.

Lecture cost £12.

Lecture 2: ‘Stealing Beauty: Picasso’s Demoiselles’; (Monday 29th November. 6pm UK time - GMT)

This lecture will focus on one work, Les Demoiselles D’Avignon 1907 which arrived in New York in 1939 and has remained there as the most visited artwork in New York. This painting will be situated within the context of sculptures, drawings, and sketches in the MOMA collection.

Lecture cost £12.

Lecture 3: ‘An American Tale; from Hopper to Pollock' (Monday 6th December. 6pm UK time - GMT)

The stark Realism of Edward Hopper and Walker Evans expressed the years of the Great Depression. During the Second World War European artists such as Ernst, Masson and Mondrian escaped to New York. Their palpable influence can be seen in the work of American artists such as Pollock, Rothko, Krasner, the De Koonings, Johns,  and many others, whose radical work began to appear in the 1940's, creating a truly American style called Abstract Expressionism. We will visit MOMA, The Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Whitney. 

Lecture cost £12.

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Cost £6. 

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If you haven't used Zoom before, it's easy. The later e-mail we will send you, a day or so before the lecture is due to start, will include the Zoom Webinar link. On the date of the lecture you simply click on the link - approximately 15 minutes before the start time of 6pm UK time - and when Zoom Webinar opens you follow the on-screen instructions.

See also Jacqueline's book,  ‘A Taste of Art: London’ (Unicorn Press 2019)