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Who's Afraid of Modern Art?


       Monday 15th April                      Monday 22nd April                      Monday 29th April

         A Stormy World:                         Beyond the Lense:                      Becoming Radical:

            Romanticism                                    Realism                                     Impressionism

Pissarro 2.jpg

       Friedrich. Wanderer. 1818            Turner. Morning After the Deluge. 1843.             Pissarro. Dulwich. 1871                         


We now have a new theme for our Art@Home lecture series, in which we will discuss 'art movements'. You will be taken through the thorny path from the increasingly industrialised world of the early nineteenth century, to the gradual development of Abstract Art in the twentieth century.

So many art ISMS! Have you ever wondered how to unravel them? Is there a special code? Do styles and techniques change and why do we like to categorise art? Are we afraid of Modern Art? Does it sometimes leave us feeling confused or unsettled? Where does Modern Art begin?

We will address all these issues, as we learn why and how men and women created works of art which reflected their times. There will be nine lectures in all during 2024, divided into three series of three lectures. Each lecture and each series is self-contained, so you can either dip in and out at will, follow a whole series, or follow the whole course.


The lectures will be 'live', via Zoom Webinar on consecutive Monday early evenings, at 6pm UK time. Each lecture lasts about 50 minutes, after which we will answer questions you can type in to the Zoom system. Remember also that when you can’t see us live you can watch on catch up.

Please note: The lectures will be recorded and available to view on demand for up to 6 days after the end of each lecture, so you can enjoy them no matter where in the world you are or what time of day suits you best. 

How to Sign Up

To participate in any one of the lectures or in the series of three lectures, simply click on the relevant 'Buy Now' button below, depending on whether you want to sign up for the full course of three lectures, for £36, or for individual lectures, at £15 each. You can also invite a friend to one lecture of your choosing, at a cost of £8.


Who's Afraid of Modern Art - Series One

The first series explores three art movements: Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism. It covers the period 1815 to 1880, and will help you to distinguish between the different styles and understand how artists have shaped our world and the way we see it. Looking at paintings, photographs, sculptures and drawings, we will explore European art and the men and women who made it. 

                                                                          Course cost £36


Lecture 1. Monday 15th April. A Stormy World: Romanticism

Artists such as Friedrich, Delacroix, Gericault, Goya, Constable and Turner responded to a new, restless desire to go beyond the clinical confines of Industrialisation. They painted sublime, poetic depictions of a fast-changing world. Facing tidal shifts in society and thinking, they pave the way for a new way of painting.

                                                                        Lecture cost £15

Lecture 2. Monday 22nd April. Beyond the Lens: Realism

With the development of photography in the nineteenth century there is yet another seismic shift in the way artists view the world. Determined to put working class men and women centre stage, artists such as Bonheur, Courbet, Millet, Leibl, Menzel and Ford Maddox Brown responded to Industrial, social and commercial revolutions, the writings of Karl Marx, Balzac and Zola, depicting a world never seen before.

                                                                        Lecture cost £15

Lecture 3. Monday 29th April. Becoming Radical: Impressionism

Vilified and laughed at, a new generation of artists responded to new materials and techniques made possible in this ever-changing world. Radical and ‘modern’ in their approach, artists and sculptors such as Pissarro, Morisot, Cassatt, Kroyer, Renoir, Monet, Whistler, Sorolla, and many others develop new and challenging works that shock the establishment, rock the boat of the art world and herald new ways of seeing.

                                                                        Lecture cost £15

Invite a Friend

You can invite a friend to one lecture of your choosing, at half price. Click the Buy Now button to complete your purchase and we will e-mail you for contact details for your friend, and the name of the lecture you'd like to offer them.


                                                                           Cost £8

When we receive notification of your payment, we will also receive details of the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account, and will send you an e-mail acknowledging receipt within 3 days.


If you haven't used Zoom before, it's easy. The later e-mail we will send you, a day or so before the lecture is due to start, will include the Zoom Webinar link. On the date of the lecture you simply click on the link - approximately 5-10 minutes before the start time of 6pm UK time - and when Zoom Webinar opens you follow the on-screen instructions.


Finally, after each lecture finishes, we will send you a link to a recording of the lecture, which will be available to view for a further 6 days.

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See also Jacqueline's book,  ‘A Taste of Art: London’ (Unicorn Press 2019)

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