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Gift Vouchers

Buy a Gift Voucher for friends or family and introduce them to the delights of our 'Taste of Art' Zoom Webinar series.




Wondering what to buy as a present for a friend or family member? Why not treat them to a memorable experience - participation in one of our Zoom lecture series for £30, or even in a single lecture for £12. 

The lectures are approximately 50 minutes long, with a Q&A session at the end. The lectures are well-researched and informative, but the style is always relaxed and focussed on telling the story in a way that makes the subject very accessible.

The 'Taste of Art' series has been running since April 2021, and has so far been focussed so far on a number of major 'cities of art' around the world - Madrid, Paris, New York, London, Barcelona and Venice.

Our next series, starting in February 2023, is 'A Taste of Art: Andalucia', and coincides happily with an upcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy, entitled 'Spain and the Hispanic World'. The series of three lectures will focus on the history, architecture, silk textiles and carved ivory caskets produced during the 800-year history of the Islamic kingdom of al-Andalus on the Iberian peninsula. More details are available by clicking here:  'Art@HOME'.

Further series planned for 2023 will focus on 'Live of the Artists' - details to be announced early in 2023.


To buy a £30 voucher, for a 3-lecture series, click here:


To buy a £12 voucher for an individual lecture, click here:

Once you have completed your purchase, a voucher certificate will be e-mailed to you, for forwarding to the lucky recipient (valid for 12 months from purchase date shown on voucher).

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See also Jacqueline's book,  ‘A Taste of Art: London’ (Unicorn Press 2019), which would make an excellent alternative Christmas present.

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